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rubes sherbert
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» this is rubes sherbert.
as the name says. it is actually rubes sherbert, and not to be assumed as rubes's herbert, Rub Essh Erbert (thanks Sarah), or anything similar. there's a difference. ^^ my personal journal, should you care to see, is junerbug, and my icon journal is amiableicons. more to come. under construction.

» guidelines.
So that you know from the start - No matter who you are, you won't be granted posting access! You won't miss anything by not having it, it is a community only because it gives me more posting freedom, so PLEASE don't ask for it!!

Unfortunately.. there are people out there who need these to be polite.

1- Comment please, so that I know what you like
2- Do not Claim as your own, please give credit where due!
3- I doubt this is needed, but should you like something of mine enough to want to use it (say a layout or icons), comment and let me know. I'll work out the terms of service with you, which for a layout will start with you sending me an email of the URL with the art in it, and a link in the userinfo and note on the banner perhaps, back the rubessherbert.

brushes in layout by ohpaintbrush